Does anyone know what DIT stands for? I have heard Digital Intermediary Technician (honestly I kinda like that), but it is in fact Digital Imaging Technician. While it is not mutually exclusive Data Wrangler sounds pretty cool, Media Manager less so. By whatever name, I will admit it is far less glamorous than it sounds but no less vital to a production. Let us not forget, DATA IS GLASS; in fact glass might be a little tougher.
Buzzfeed Branded, DIT. 2018

Responsibilities include offloading footage from Alexa and RED cameras to storage drives, checking integrity of footage, and creating redundancies for commercial advertisements. I also applied LUTs to footage and rendered stills for client dailies.

Buzzfeed, 2017- Present

“Unsolved” and “Worth” It are a traveling productions that often shoot across state lines. Responsibilities include offloading footage from cards to storage drives, checking integrity of footage, creating redundancies, labeling clips, orgaizing clips and logging clips, setting up Premiere Pro projects, syncing sound, and delivering to Post.

Mythical Entertainment, 2017

Responsibilities included offloading footage from P2 cards, performing  checksums, verifying integrity of data and making redundancies.

Meyer2Meyer Productions, DIT/Camera Operator 2016

Responsibilities included operating B-Camera, backing up ProRes footage, and maintaining redundancies.

Warner Bros. NYCC 2017 Justice League VR Experience,” Media Manager/Lead Editor- October 2017

Responsibilities included backing up and distributing data to a network of remote editors. I coordinating with NYCC Justice League team to set up and implement a step and repeat photobooth and editing animated GIFs for immediate distribution to fans.

Lightworkers, MGM, Media Manager 2017

Responsibilities included installing an archival RAID server and preparing project files for archive. Project files were checked for assets including raw footage and graphics.

Godfather Films, Media Manager/Editor 2011-2018

Responsibilities include offloading footage onto main server, performing checksums, and maintaining integrity of main server repository.

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