My name is Fredy Sedano and I have been flying since 2011. I got my start as a camera operator and visual observer and worked up to pilot in command. Now I am FAA licensed and insured to fill your Southern California needs. 

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FAA Drone Vocabulary

FAA Drone Vocabulary

Here these are some terms to help you pass your Aeronautical Knowledge Test. This study guide has 44 words that might be on the test! Central Drone Bureaucracy is here to help! Above Ground Level (AGL) Advisory Circular (AC) Aeronautical Advisory Stations (UNICOM)...

River Road Bridge

I grew up in Corona CA. I have crossed this bridge on River Road many times but I had never seen it from this perspective. This was an amazing and cold flight and traffic was not even that bad. Lesson learned: pack your gloves for morning drone flights!

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