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Reach out and engage with your audience

Social Media is a new frontier, the world is changing and sometimes it’s really hard to keep up. It’s never been easier to reach out to someone and yet… how do you start?

How to Build a Social Media Channel

Digital Media can be scary but we can break it down into a few steps. Like anything else in life… it just takes time.

01 Shoot

DSLR or Smart Device?

02 Ingest

Data is Glass,  except… if you break a glass table you still have shards, if you break data you have nothing.

03 Edit

This part can go easy… or it can go hard, there’s no getting around it.

04 Render

There are so many options!

05 SEO/Blog/Hashtags

This part is tedious but crucial!

06 Post

Finally done! Now do it again!

Lesson #1 Clean Audio is Crucial!

I know it is a little counter intuitive but without good audio you got nothing!

Here is my blog for reference

The more conent on your site the better Google will rank your page. 

Password Security!

Password Security!

According to Digital Trends the top 2 passwords used in 2018 were 123456 and password, respectively. In this world anything is hackable, even AC units. The very first line of defense is having strong passwords. Follow this step by step guide to improving your digital...

15 Years experience in Digital media

I will admit I did not get my first computer until I was a freshman in high school but I learned quickly once I got into my school’s Shark TV Program. My Media Literacy teacher, Prem Bovie-Ware took me under her wing and taught me how to read media. Now Digital Media is my Bitch!

Different Kinds of Shoots

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