It’s highly addictive!


Social Media Advertising Campaigns!

Send a targeted message!

How it's Made!

There is a lot that goes into production. Step one is the concept and storyboard, Then shooting and editing and finally the final version.


What is your message? Who is your target audience? 



How do we tell your story? How many shots do we need? Where do we shoot?

Principal Photography

My favorite part of the process and the most labor intensive. Lights, Camera, Action!


This is where your story gets built. First we edit for content, then we add graphix. This part can go easy or it can go on and on 

Sound Editing

Sound is so vital to video: Without good audio there is no good video!

Color Grading

This is my favorite part of the whole process!

Photo, Video, Social Media Integration

It is not just about posting anymore. Engaging your audience is now more important than ever


US Teens list Instagram as most important Social Media


Users discover new products on Instagram


Instagrammers follow brands


Fashion Brands on Instagram

DJ Alan Paul

Stellar Events Every Time!

Alan Meade is an energetic performer, singer, DJ and Emcee who’s been in the entertainment biz for over 25 years. Alan was born in the country of Panama, Central America and moved to Orange County California at a young age where he discovered his strong love for music and singing. Alan started his music career as one of the original members of the Grammy Award winning group No Doubt first as trumpet player and then as co-singer alongside Gwen Stefani (1985-1989).


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